File Uploading:
Many sites contain images and other files that can not be created online. In order to add these files into your site, you must upload them through our upload manager.



Uploading a File To upload a file, login to the file manager program and scroll down until you see a section titled "File uploads -- Upload files from your hard drive to current directory". Click the browse button on any of the following 5 text fields and select a file off your computer. By default, html files will be the only file type that will show up in this box, but you can change this by selecting what type of files to show from the drop down box on this popup window. Once you have selected your file(s), click the upload button and they will be sent to your site. The file manager program will then reload and all your uploaded files will show. Note: uploading large files may take a while so be patient.

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What types of files may I upload?
You are allowed to place .html, .htm, .jpg, .gif, .jpeg,
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