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I regulary add true stories about me and the guys and girls I fuck, here's a taster of one of them:


Story 1: The first time I got off with a guy

I was thirteen the first time I hooked up with another guy. I have an older
brother, Danny, who was sixteen at the time. One day in the long summer vacation
Danny had one of his friends over to stay, a hot guy called Alex.

Alex had brown hair that hung down round to his eyes in a center parting,
and had a delicious tanned brown skin. He was well toned but not too muscular
and was really quite gorgeous. At the time however I didn't really appreciate
this as I've never given guys a second look in 'that' way.

This night when he was staying over though, I found myself awakened at about 2am,
by bang just outside my room. I went over to see who was there, and saw it was
Alex who'd just been to the bathroom, but had evidently closed the door too
loudly. He was only wearing his boxer shorts (it was hot at the time and we don't
have air), so I could see most of his beautiful body.

I too was just wearing boxers, and felt rather dumb standing there, I was about
to say "Hi" or something when he beat me to it, with a quiet

"Wussup Jamie, can't you sleep?"

"Oh, I just woke up" I replied

"I had to take a leak, hope I didn't wake ya"

I was about to reply, but as I looked at him I noticed a slight bulge had
appeared in his boxers, and I looked down at it.

"You gonna jerk-off?"I asked with interest

"Err umm no, no.. I'd wake your brother.. not that I would anyway..", he seemed
pretty embarassed

"You can do it in my room if you want, we can shut the door". I dunno why, but I
suddenly had an urge to see him jerking off, I wondered how big his cock was
(mine was still pretty small, only just beginning to develop) and what it
looked like.

"Err" he was really nervous now. I reached out and grabbed his hand, and tugged
him towards my room.

"Come on, it'll be fun I told him" As I pulled his arm he followed me into
my room. I reached behind him and pushed the door shut. I walked over to my
bed, which was the only furniture you could comfortably relax on, and motioned
for him to come over. By now the tent in his boxers was huge.

"You jerk off a lot?" he asked me
"Quite a bit, a couple of times a day usually" I told him, which was the truth.
"You err, jerk off with other guys before?"
My bed was a double bed, so there was plenty of room for him to sit next to me.
As he sat down, I reached over to his boxers and gently tugged the top. He put
his hands to them, and pulled them off, lifting his ass to do so. He was now
completely naked next to me and his dick was fully erect, I guess it was about
six inches, maybe a touch more. His cock was perfectly straight and smooth,
not too thin, but not fat either.


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