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Tasteful Asian Pics

February 22nd, 2008

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Tasteful Asian Pics

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The New BHL Girl Thread Vol. 15- Shoryuken
Post only hot, Black, Hispanic, and Latin females(or non white/asian but not excluding mixed and there are acceptions to this rule, also Indian women are prefered to be posted here) in this thread but u must follow these. try to keep them "clean" as possible. in other words, more tasteful. this rule has been added per Mod, rook, so um, yea.[/red] [color=gold]EDIT by rook: how about "pics should showcase the model as a PERSON, not just some random unidentifiable T&A.".

blame it on the scorpion bowl ?
nay, tommy and i had dinner at myers + chang last night. this fusion pan asian restaurant is owned by chris myers and joanne chang who are two big names in boston's restaurant scene. are plenty of asian touches like that cat with the raised paw you always see in chinese restaurants and place mats cut from chinese newspaper. there's also a chrome bar overlooking an open kitchen (with views of the fiery wok action going on), and (tasteful) tagging all over the walls.

Food and Tycha: Asian style vegetables with noodles or rice
So, I will have to make the risotto again (which I totally don't mind, it was that good) and post the recipe w?th pictures some other time. The recipe was Jamie Oliver's, so if you want to make it before I post it, check his website. On this blog I plan to post recipes, by myself and by others, that proved to be tasteful and succesful. When a recipe is not my own, I will of course let you know where I found it. I hope my blog will inspire others, like so many blogs.

'Ono Kine Grindz: Direct from's Fujimamas
Like its flagship restaurant in Tokyo, Fujimamas Kona offers a variety of dining areas each with a unique atmosphere and all tastefully designed with South East Asian details. A 40 seat patio for al fresco dining, a private seating.

Should A Resume For A Teaching Position Include Some Graphics .
I have just graduated and am applying for elementary teaching jobs in Canada. I have seen some bright colorful resumes with pictures as samples? Is this a good. I would say that you want to definately keep it professional, but if you want to add A BIT of color and graphics it could be done tastefully. I have seen some resumes with colored borderes, or a small color icon that look great! Plus, the extra color can really be an attention getter for a principal.

My computer area (AKA Otaku Lounge pt. 2) ? How Do You Figure?
Posted by Asian Ed on May 4, 2009. Due to the compliments I received from the last post and all the questions asking about other areas in my house, I was encouraged to clean up the computer area that is next to my otaku lounge. After sorting away some papers, . Extremely tasteful decoration, I can only applaud and admire. ^^. What an array of computers too. Quite Windows oriented though. Love how two have the names of the?Kanazuki No Miko? leading ladies.

:oP I like the natural easy to go look you did in your pics! Great idea! I'm glad your first blind date went so well! Maybe you guys can hit it off well:o) As a tutorial.I think you should "surprise" us with like your favorite look . I'm an "older" asian and alot of m/u blog are too heavily handedly done. It's okay if you're in your 20's and 30's but older than that you'll look like a clown! I love the way you do your eyes! No more than three colours and nicely.

Sugar from the Asian- South American- African shop on Flickr .
It's rockhard but very tasteful. I have never tryed such sugar. Earthcut ? Pro User says: Ha ha it looks like you have had a rough fight with it. But it looks great and tasteful! Posted 10 days ago. ( permalink ).

The Gridcrosser Files: In a Swirl of Spices: Cursory Dining in .
They may well sum up Malaysian food, which is a confluence of influences of the different races that have come to this Southeast Asian nation, plus its own indigenous cooking and recent additions. . More pictures and magazine covers bedeck the cigar room, where there is a fine selection of Cuban cigars. At the cashier, Chef Ismail's cookbook is displayed. Aside from running the restaurant and catering to different functions, Chef Ismail holds Malay cooking classes in a.

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