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Sister Brother Sex

The year had flown by.  Arcy could hardly believe that she was now a sophomore.  She and Stacy were now allowed to wear clothes in the sorority house.  The new girls had taken their place as sexual servants for the older girls.  Mimi had graduated and gone to work for a prestigious law firm in San Diego.  Arcy could not help but wonder how the clients would react if they knew that Mimi had been keen practitioner of the S & M arts.  They would probably find out soon enough for Mimi never could hide her habits for long.  Stacy had grown into a real leader of the younger girls.  She delighted in showing them how a good sister sucks pussy, shaves pussy and shows pussy whenever they have a chance.  She had recruited a fine young crop from the beaches and nightclubs that did credit to Sigma Pi.  Arcy on the other hand, had grown more interested in student government.  Even though a sophomore had never won the student council presidency, she knew that she would serve well, if given a chance.  She told Stacy of her dream but didn't bring it up after that.  Stacy, however, was a girl of action.  She would do anything for Arcy.  Most nights found them nuzzling the bald beavers of each other.  Even if they had been royally fucked by their dates, they still had time when they got home.  Usually it would start with a hot soapy shower.  Arcy had lost most of her inhibitions and thought nothing of running around naked in the house.  If she heard Stacy in the shower, she would go on it.  Starting with her back, she rubbed and lathered up the little blond.  When her body was clean and shiny, they would head to the bed, still dripping wet.  One would fall back on the bed and the other would attack the fresh pussy that was exposed.  Arcy had developed the talent to make Stacy scream.  She knew that Stacy loved to have her clit sucked, much like a little prick.  Her hands would dig into Stacy's brown boobs and twist her nipples.  When Stacy finally came with a scream, she would launch herself at Arcy's cunt and suck her until she almost fainted.

It was after one of these afternoon sessions, that Stacy told her of her plan.

"Arcy" she said softly while tracing the nude lips of her cunt, "I think you should be president of the student council."

"But Stacy, that always goes to a senior."  "I wouldn't have a chance."

"If you let me run your campaign, you would."

Arcy didn't think she would have a chance but decided if Stacy wanted to try, why not.

 The get-out-the-vote party was turning out to be the hottest ticket in town.  The word, unofficial of course, was that anyone who brought a voting stub to the sorority house would get fucked.  Men, women, it made no difference.  Since the whole campus knew that the most beautiful girls were at Sigma Pi, the turnout was huge.  There were football players for the girls who wanted hard dicks.  Mimi had come back to handle those who wanted a little taste of the whip.  Stacy was available for guys who wanted a girl with a dildo.  She was also in charge of the orgy in the basement.  Arcy and the other sisters were all available for the regular to kinky sex.  The little sisters, like the others before them, were for anything goes.  Around dusk, the first group of people started coming in.  One of the new little sisters was strapped to a frame in the hallway.  People coming in could grab her tits or feel her pussy to get into the spirit of the evening.  Throughout the house, other little sisters were stationed on their knees in case anyone wanted a blowjob or pussy eating to get started.  One dark haired sister was tied down to a table.  Her head was over the end of the table enabling men to stand and shove their cocks into her deep throat.  Several had already taken advantage of her and the cum was dripping down the side of her face.  One of the little sisters would lick her face clean when it got to be too much.  She was encouraging more men to take advantage of her mouth.  "Come on baby, let me suck that cock, I love cum."  "Hey lady, come here, I like to suck on pussy also."

In the basement, Mimi was applying the whip to the firm backside of a young junior coed.  The girl was moaning each time the leather smacked her hard buttocks.  Her boyfriend was watching her in a heated state while Stacy was giving it to him with the strap on cock.  They looked into each other's face, sharing in the forbidden sex that they were sharing.  Mimi was not sparing the girl's ass and Stacy was plowing into the guy.  When he could take no more, he rammed his cock into his girlfriends gasping mouth.

"Suck his cock, bitch" Mimi commanded her.  Great globs of hot cum showered her face as he gave in to the ass fucking.  The date tried to catch it all on her tongue but some dribbled from her chin.

"Come here honey" Mimi commanded her.  She held the girls face and pushed her tongue down her throat.  The girl was totally hot and grabbed Mimi's bare ass.

"I want to suck your pussy, Mistress" she whispered.  Her tongue pushed into the bare skin of Mimi's pierced pussy.  Soon they were rolling in a sixty-nine position.  Mimi also knew how to suck cunt and was giving the girl the head of her life.  Stacy was licking the rest of the cum from the guy's slowing shrinking cock.   Suddenly, from upstairs there was a loud shout and applause.

"Arcy won it in a landslide" one of the sisters yelled.  "Time to celebrate" shouted Stacy.  "Where's Arcy?"

Arcy was brought downstairs by her jubilant sisters and pulled to the center of the room.  She was no longer the scared little virgin that had been there a year ago.  She had succeeded.  There was only one thing to do at a time like this.   "Sisters, I thank you so much for all you have done for me."  "Stacy, you are the best." "And to prove it, I want everyone to watch me suck my beautiful sister's pussy." "And then I want everyone here, and I mean everyone, to join me on the mats." "I didn't have sex until last year and I want to make up for last time." "I promise that as student council president, sex will be my guiding principle!"

A cheer went up for the new president.  Then she went up to Stacy and pushed her tongue down the blond's throat.  Her hands pushed into the wet folds of her roommate's pussy.  Stacy responded by pushing her fingers up Arcy's ass and fingering her asshole.  Hands from out of the crowd pushed them into the center of the mat.  When they were laying down next to each other, a dozen men surrounded them.  As they moved into a sixty-nine position and started to suck on each other's pussy, the men started to pull their hard cocks.  They were helped by the sisters who sucked on the balls or licked their asses from behind.  Stacy and Arcy were hardly aware of how many men were surrongding them until they felt the hot cum splashing on their bodies.  Streams were arching across their faces and the ass that was in front of them.  It ran over their breasts and faces.  It only added to the passion they were feeling.  The climax came like a freight train.  If they could, they would have put their whole head into the pussy of the other girl.  The football team now decided to join them.  >From each end, dicks were pushed into the hot little pussies.  The girl that had been sucking on the pussy, now had a hard cock to also lick.  Balls fell on their faces.  Many hands were now also playing with their asses.  Arcy felt like a thousand people were making love to her at one time.  Her nipples were so hot they felt like iron.  Mimi added to this feeling by clamping on her hardest contraptions.  The girls were now pulled apart and placed on their backs.  The young mouths were stuffed with hard cock.  Other hands help open the long tan legs.  Hard meat soon filled the wet cunts.  Lips of both sexes attached themselves to other parts of their bodies.  Arcy had a cock in each hand, one in her mouth and one in her pussy.  Stacy was in the same position and loving it.  As soon as one young man would let loose with a shower of cum, another would take his place.  Laying on their back required swallowing all of the hot cream.  Their pussies were overflowing with cum.  The little sisters wasted no time in diving in and cleaning the girls out.  Stacy had taught them well.  Stacy and Arcy fucked everyone who anted a turn or two.  Mimi was now under a pile of people of both sex.  The women were attracted to the cool beauty who handled the whip so well.  Several decided that Mimi should also see how the whip felt.  She was placed against the wall in the shape of a X.  Though they were novices, they soon got the hang of the lash.  Mimi's muscles were clenched was the whip caught her on her magnificent ass.  She didn't try to turn or avoid the whip.  She proudly stuck her ass out as defiant.  Each hit solicited a little gasp of "More, More."  She truly missed the house and the girls.  She knew she had done well in training her successors.  Arcy was taking on most of the guys at the party and Stacy looked like she could fuck the whole school if need be.  Mimi also saw some to the faculty now taking their pleasures of the sisters.  Maybe she could come back as teacher.  Then she could have fun with the students who needed a little discipline.

Arcy lay on the mat, her now tanned body sticky with cum.  Stacy lay next to her, legs spread.  Her pussy was bubbling with the cum of the guys who had fucked her.  Her face was shiny with the gobs of love juice from the guys and the cunt juice of other women.  Together they had fucked almost twenty people.  But these sisters were not ready yet to stop the celebration.  There were several football players that they had missed.  They also had some very special plans for two of them.  Stacy had learned through her sexual escapades that the quarter back was bisexual.  His roommate and sometime sex partner was the center of the team.  The two women knew that when he placed his hands inside the centers thighs, it was for more that just getting the football.  The two guys were unaware that anyone knew of their secret side.  Stacy, however, decided that the party was a perfect place to expand their world.

"Stan" yelled Stacy. "Come here, I want your cock!"  Stan walked over to the little blond slut rubbing his hard cock.   "Where do you want it Stacy?" he asked with a grin.

"Actually, I want you to lay face down and let me fuck YOU in the ass!"  The qb looked at her for a few seconds and slowly started to smile.

  "How do you know I would like that" he asked.

"Just a hunch" answered Stacy in her sexiest voice.  The big stud got down on his hands and knees and looked over his shoulder as Stacy strapped on the 10" rubber dick.  He groaned as she slapped a big gob of lubricant at the entrance of his asshole.  Her little fingers pushed some into his butt and rubbed the rest on the rubber dildo.  With a slow steady pressure, she slid the like=like cock into him.  Stacy didn't stop until her thighs were touching the back of his legs.  This was a very special dildo.  It also extended into the harnesss so that it pushed into Stacy's well-fucked pussy.  Every thrust into the backside of the player also shoved some into her pussy and over her red clit.  Her breasts shook as she pounded the helpless ass of the football star.  Suddenly, she jumped as she felt the pressure on her own asshole.  Over her shoulder she saw the center pushing his well-greased cock between her round tan cheeks.  Stacy was an old hand as ass fucking and let her muscles relax.  The hot male flesh slowly pushed deep into her round butt and the heavy balls slapped against the back of her legs.  The centers motions pushed Stacy deeper into the QB and made the dildo push deeper into her bald pussy.  Huge hands were pinching her nipples until they were beet red.  His tongue was dancing over her neck and ears.  Stacy though she had died and gone to fuck heaven.  She was pinned between the tow studs.  ARcy was watching with rapt attention and decided that they couldn't gang up on her roommate like that.  She went to the bar and found an identical strap on cock and put in on herself.  The feeling of the rubber cock sliding into her soaking pussy almost made her come right on the spot.  She put a liberal amount of lubricant on the shaft and approached the center.  She turned the bottle over and poured a stream on the exposed backdoor of the player.  She showed no mercy as she put her weight to the device.  Now she felt like she had mounted a bucking bull.  The quarter back on the bottom of the pile was now part of a four-way ass fucking machine.  No matter which way you moved, some ass was getting reamed.  The motions drove the rubber dicks deep into the succulent pussies of the roommates.  The pressure on the prostates of the men soon gave way and they started to pump their hot load deep into the  ass of the sweet little girl in front of them.  Arcy would have yelled out but someone had taken over control of her mouth and had shoved a giant cock into it.  It only took a few seconds before it started to shoot a huge load of hot white cum into the sucking mouth of the beauty.  Other sisters did not let this go unnoticed.  They helped clean the shooting cock and to clean the rest off the face of Arcy and the back of the center.  Arcy and Stacy truly though their cunts would explode from the feeling of the giant rubber cock rubbing against their clits.    "Sis" a stunned voice called out.  "What are you doing??????????!!!!!!" cried the anguished voice.  Arcy instantly recognized the voice of her brother.  She had not seen him for two years.  She did not even know he was in California.  Her face turned bright red at the shock of him seeing her this way.  Suddenly he was beside her and looking at her in shock.  "What are you doing?"

"Well, I think that is pretty obvious, brother" she answered.  "I am getting my brains fucked out!"

"But if Dad knew about this, he would pull you from school so fast your head would spin."  "You were a virgin for God's sake when you came here."

"So I was, Bill, but not anymore" she replied gaining confidence with every second.  After all, she was student council president.  "Are you going to tell him?"

"I don't know" Bill stammered.  "I should, you know."

"What if I let you punish me like you and Daddy used to do when I was bad as a little girl"

"I don't know what you are talking about" he mumbled.

"Oh yes you do brother, you remember how you used to like to watch when Daddy would spank my naked bottom until it got bright red." "I knew you were watching and playing with yourself." "That's ok because Daddy always had a hard-on while he was spanking me." "Well, do we have a deal?"  Arcy got up and waled over to him.  She pushed him down into a chair.  His eyes were glazed at the sight of his beautiful sister, covered with cum and naked as the day she was born.  She looked dangerous with her shaved pussy and lustful look in her eyes.  She lay down across his lap and looked up at him.  "Come on brother, you know you love my ass and have always wanted to touch and spank it." "Do it now, punish me."

"I can't" Bill protested. "You are my sister'

"Damn it bill, I have been bad." "Did you know that I sucked Stacy's pussy my first day here?" "I sucked guys off in a video store." I fucked my professor in the ass."I shipped Stacy's ass with a whip. "I just fucked half the school."  "Come on Bill, punish me or I'll do it again."

With a groan, Bill brought his hand down hard on the round butt of his little sister.  His bright red handprint showed clearly against her beautiful skin.

"That's right baby, spank me, make my ass red, make me come, big brother." "I always wanted you to touch me. "Even as a little girl, my pussy was watering for you."

The spanking started in earnest.  The sound of the hits turned the whole party into a silent watching crown.  Everyone was fascinated to see the older brother in complete surrender to the little sex queen.  He took turns smacking the cheeks of his little slut sister.  His own cock was pushing hard against her body until he felt her pulling down the zipper and releasing the bulging prick.

His hands rose and spanked as her talented mouth sucked in his prick.  Her warm mouth slid down all the way to his balls and the staff went into her hot throat.  She had learned how to be a superlative cocksucker in the house, a skill that would always make men her allies.  Arcy's cheeks were turning the color of burgundy wine and her pussy was twitching.  She felt her big brother stiffen and then it happened.  His cum shot up and sprayed all over the face of the dark haired girl.  She was not going to let this go to waste and clamped her mouth over the top of his cock.  She was swallowing all the family cum she could find.  The brother never missed a beat as his hands continue to smack Arcy's flesh.  Finally, his hands lay still on the burning flesh.  "I won't tell Arcy."

"Thank you Bill" she said sweetly.  "Girls, show my brother a good time."  As Arcy watched, several of the girls helped Bill up and carried him to mat.  By the time, they got done with him, he wouldn't have the strength to walk.

Arcy was on top of the world.  If the rest of her college career is like this, she thought, I might stay here forever. 





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