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Don't worry folks!  We still have Everything Nice, but it's someone all NEW!  We regretfully say goodbye to our former ETN and welcome our new one!  And a special thanks to our friend DRAC for making us our cool new banner! We luv u hunny!!

Better bookmark this page now, cuz even we have a hard time remembering the addy. LOL Check back often for updated pictures! Don't forget to reload!

This is a website compiled by my cybersister's and I. It is intended for mature audiences and not for minors. We have compiled a list of pictures of ourselves that we thought that the average adult male (or female) *giggle* would enjoy. By all means, we are not the "perfect" women, nor do we claim to be. We are just average women who enjoy showing our assets in the most flattering poses we could find. There will not be any "raunchy" or "vulgar" pictures here. If that is what you are looking for, try another site here on PornHome. If erotic, sensual pictures turn you on, then proceed! We welcome submissions by any and all of our cybersisters! Just submit your pictures to the email address below. Please enclose your handle, email address (will remain confidential), and at least one "tame" picture of yourself! LOL

Hope you like our site.



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