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Sex in position Sixty-Nine, Anja lies down on me and puts her clit deep into my mouth.

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Meanwhile, I'm just as excited as Anja, not only her beautiful clit is stretched heavenward, also my cock is now rock-hard and stands with exposed glans as a huge pleasure sword in front of her face. "Come on, let us lick each other" Anja whispers and places herself so for me, that I can insert the tip of her clitoris in my mouth. At the same time she put her lips around my wet penis, we make now unbridled sex in the Sixty-Nine position.

Anja demanding pushes me against her pelvis, I gladly take her clit into my mouth and begin to spoil her big clit-glans with my tongue. This love game brings back memories of my bisexual stage. It's almost as if I had sex with a man which I lovingly suck his cock, my friend Alex, I had already nibbled more often in the sex-position 69. But it's different, below her clitoris hang no eggs against me, my chin is immersed in a wonderfully wet and warm pussy.

Now it comes to violent and she is shagging me fast right in the mouth, while she licks a bit slower on my cock. After a while it goes vice versa, Anja moves her clitoris only slowly in my mouth and workes on the other way like crazy on my love lance and shoves it deep in her throat. More than once repeated this interaction, then it was time. I feel, that Anja is now ready to receive her highest point from me, even in me the love juices have accumulated to a titanic shot.

I can not hold it any longer, I vigorously raise my abdomen and moaning slides my cock deep into the throat of Anja. Anja simultaneously presses her pelvis firmly into my face and comes with unrestrained gurgling screams over me, her love juice squirts really out of her. At the same time my cream squirts into her neck, violently flow the waves of our orgasm fire on the beach of love ...

Clitoris in position 69

Close-up of the giant erect Clitoris of Anja, she makes love with me in the sex position Sixty-Nine and puts her clit into my mouth.

Mega Clitoris


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