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click A picture of Ernest attacking a stupid ice swan, Mary's goregeous back, and my Lizzie looking like a beautiful princess.

click a good picture of me

click [If you are trying to figure out what my "type" is, here you go, take your best shot.] Here's a guy I liked in summer camp when I was 14 and 15.

click some guy I thought was cute. I asked him for his number, he said I could call him, but he probably wouldn't pick up. I said, how about if i leave a message and you picks up when he hears its me? He said, yeah, that might work. Oh well. That's what you get when your average pick-up line is running up to someone and humping their leg.

click Tony and me. I really like this picture because it reminds me of that painting of a farmer and his wife, you know, the one where he's holding a pitchfork? (I'm the farmer.)

click Me, Barbaba, and Amy doing the Charlie's Angels pose at Ren Faire '98

clickI spent 3 weeks in Spain the summer before 11th grade. Here's my Spanish mom.

clickJaime in Spain

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