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Jaime's Really Good Day

I just wanted to devote a page to my day. It's been really wonderful. The fact that you cared enough to click on this link has indirectly made this particular day even better. Thanks a lot.
First, I woke up this morning in my brand new fluffy yellow blanket, all comfy and ready to face the day. I woke up before my alarm went off, so I didn't even have to deal with having my first impulse of the day be the urge to inflict death. Then I listened to more of my new Nine Inch Nails cd, "the fragile", which is, by the way, fabulous, which put me in a really good mood.
Then I went to breakfast at Saga... I mean the Grub Hut... No, wait, I mean Saga. I got a nutricious breakfast of a doughnut, orange juice, coffee cake, and eggs, and sat down with my friends. This made me happy. Jesse was wearing Hawiian shorts, which was inexplicitly entertaining. I found out something about Chris, this guy that I just look at and get really pissed off, that kind of redeemed him in my mind: he plays the recorder. You can't hate a man who plays the recorder.
Then I went to my drawing class. This fabulous artist Larissa complimented my laminated squares, which made me feel special.
I ran into Lauren and Rebecca, and we went to the school store, where I got a phone number that could lead to something really cool.
Then I went to an initial meeting on Vampire: The Masquerade that made me all happy.

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