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As of late, Jaime has become perhaps overly interested in anime, particurally that of the pornographic variety.
Here is are my reviews for the anime i've seen, most of which I do not own so don't ask

Oh! My goddess!!!-- (general audience) A story about a computer geek who happens to find a goddess in a bottle (like a genie) who will grant him a wish. He wishes for her to be his girlfriend. This is really popular, but I found it boring. B-/C+
My Marie ---- (general audience, a little nudity, no genetalia) Computer nerd likes a girl named Marie, so he creates a clone of her (who has pink hair instead of purple) to be his sister. Her name is also Marie. In doing so, he hopes to learn enough about the real Marie to be able to seduce her. I thought this was fabulous, partly because the dubbing is so wierd. Contains the lines, "There is nothing more boring than hearing about someone else's dream!!!" and "my baby is burning" completely out of context. A-
End of Summer -- (marketed as erotica, nudity, sex, no genetalia) Another story about an average guy who gets really sexy women. Although it moves pretty slowly, thinking about this movie too much can fuck with you, mostly because all these girls throw themselves at this guy, and he like takes advantage of them when they are vulnerable. The girls have disturbingly high voices. Two sex scenes, the first one with a "deflowering", the second with an "experienced woman, lots of cool positions, the orgasm shot involves the girl floating through a starlit sky. C
La Blue Girl 2 -- (adult, sex, explicit nudity, genitals) If this movie were a drug, it would be acid, as it will mentally warp you and cause you to see obscene images where are not, followed by hysterical laughter. The story itself is about a character named Miko Mido and involves male and female flutes, and is generally irrelevant to the true value of the movie. Explicit and EXTREMELY disturbing sex is ever present, as well as hidden sexual images in the background. (i.e. a hidden passage is a big vagina opening in the sky) One sex scene in particular will fuck with you for the rest of your life; I won't disclose it here. B/ B-
New Angel 2 -- (adult, sex, explicit nudity, genitals) Yet another movie about an average guy getting a lot of incredibly sexy women. This one is in especially bad taste. The story begins with a beautiful mysterious girl about to throw herself from the roof of a building. Our hero says, "Are you sure you want to die?" She says yes. He says, "Then you might as well have sex with me. Nothing to lose, right?" and subsequently gets laid. Yet there is something undeniably entertaining about this movie; it is well written and fast paced, with one perverted minor character who is completely hillarious. B-
Rei Rei, Missionary of Love -- (adult, sex, nudity) This is a porn with a good story. It's funny, although i found it a bit over-Americanized. Its really creative, and the characters are likeable because they are so innocent, its sweet. The concept is a goddess who tries to fix love problems. B++
End of Summer 2 --- (adult, sex, nudity) This is, amazingly, a lot better than End of Summer. In this one, the 2 sex scenes are a lot more personal and creative, and he actually gets the girl he wants. This part is cheezy, but sometimes you've earned cheeze (thanks Lauren.) B
Golden Boy 5 -- (uh, I guess general? Nudity, masturbation with motorcycle) This is, if nothing else, entertaning. Our hero is, for once, something slightly more deleloped than a sheer boy next door. He's, well, psycho. The concept is that he is a student of life. He fufills all graduation requirements, then runs off to do something else. He is extremely high energy, and every time something shitty happens to him, he says, this has been very educational. In this adventure, he chases a woman obsessed with her motorcycle, and, (spoiler) in the Golden Boy tradition, runs off once he has won the chase. B
El Hazard -- (general) This is probably one of my favorite animes I've ever seen. Rather than using archetypical characters, this movie throws together the most random people, then stands back and watches it all take off. This is fabulous. Go see it. (even though the hero has a god awful voice) A+
Tenchi the Movie: Tenchi in Love -- (general) A little slow moving, perhaps, but the story line is really good. It's kind of a back to the future thing. Highlights: A really cool female character with light blue hair, an ex con) B+

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