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Welcome to Erectarland. Congradulations, you've reached the home of Erectar
Here is your guide to those who exist in the realm of Erectar:
JAIME: The neutral one, a shy young artist and college student
ERECTAR: Psychotic persona of Jaime; hyperactive superhero equivalent of an erection Erectar is loud, highly visible, and unstoppable. Her ambition is to take over the world. Has the special power of becoming erect.
OBSENITAR: Evil twin of Erectar. Obsenitar is demented, and is known to randomly attack. Her major attack is biting.
LACTAR: Friend to Erectar and rumored to be the same person, Lactar is also hyper and unstoppable. Lactar's weakness is her fixation that she is turning into a man. Lactar has a child named Olivia. Her powers are the ability to squirt milk from her nipples , and the ability to instantly destroy members of the opposite sex at her disposal.
MENSTAR: Probably the most well-intentioned of the TAR, Menstar has the ability to mesmerise Brits with a snap of her fingers. Under her sweet, loving exterior lies a hyperactive TAR that can not be defeated. Menstrar's special powers are the ability to squirt massive amounts of blood at those who anger her, or just when she feels like it


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Church of the Deer
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