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The Girl Nextdoor Reveals All

What do I mean when I call a girl by
the title "The Girl Nextdoor".  It has
to do with a way that a girl looks and
acts.  Very often it is not just how
she portrays herself, but how males 
around her have certain impressions of
this girl and how they react to her.

She is the girl that is the subject of
hundreds of daydreams and wetdreams. 
She acts like a madonna in publc and
a slut in the bedroom.  Now it time to
see what she is really like.  Go ahead,
creep through the bushes and peer into
her window.

I made this the subject of my Ivory Page
because the media has brainwashed us into
buying into the "purity" of anything that 
is white/ivory.  And I would like to 
shatter this myth by showing how impure
she can really be.

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