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I remember hearing those words like it was yesterday but in fact it was 14 years ago. I was laying on a musty old mattress in the garage of a house that used to stand near 8th and Clark. The house had been empty for almost a year, it was slated for demolition to make way for a three story condominium.

We'd been hanging around in that old garage for most of the summer it seemed. On this particular day I was the only girl among 6 boys. One of the boys that was there that day was Munesh. He was from Fiji. Tall and dark skinned, I sort of had a crush on him. He had a Playboy magazine with him and all the guys crowded around to look. Before long, their attention shifted back to me and it was a case of "show me yours and I'll show you mine."

It took a bit of cajoling but soon I was skimming my t-shirt over my head. As I stood in my bra and panties, I watched as Munesh quickly peeled his shirt and pants off. Without hesitation, he shucked his briefs down his legs and off. I had never seen a cock like his. I wasn't a virgin but I wasn't all that experienced either. Munesh wasn't circumsized and I was fascinated with his cock. "C'mon Sophie,' he called out, "let's see whatcha got."

I stood before him, naked as the day I was born. The other boys were chattering and laughing. I barely heard them. Munesh stepped towards me and roughly palmed my breast, making me gasp in pain. "Sorry," he said. He was more gentle after that, massaging my nipple with one hand while he traced my bum with the other. I wasn't quite sure of what to do next so I cupped his cock and balls in the palm of my hand.. I felt him begin to get hard.

"Lie down Sophie, we want to see your cunt." I don't know who said it but I did it. Hands explored my tiny breasts. A tentative finger probed my vaginal slit. Munesh knelt beside my face. I stroked his erection as the other boys examined my naked body. Munesh suddenly stood up and walked around the old mattress until he stood between my wide spread legs. "Move over," he told the boy stationed at my crotch and he did so. Munesh dropped to his knees. It was a moment frozen in time, the boy I had a crush on, naked, between my legs, stroking his hard prick, his eyes riveted to the inviting pussy before him. This is the best part of the sexual experience for me. Fucking is nice, but the best part is that brief moment of anticipation as I watch my partner get into position.

Munesh scrambled between my waiting thighs and clumsily poked my crotch. I reached down and gently placed the tip of his prick against my slit. The room was quiet as he shoved into me for the first time. Eyes shut tight, he speared my crotch again and again. I shook with the force of his thrusts. I told him not to cum inside me and hoped that he had heard. He did because it wasn't long before his cock was spurting his creamy seed onto my tummy. I wanted to be held and carressed. I wanted him to say how wonderful I was. Instead I heard, 'move, man," as Reuben stood behind him. He was naked from the waist down and was furiously pumping his stiff cock. Without a word, Munesh rose to his feet and Reuben took his place between my legs. I wanted no part of this and told them so. Hnads held me down as I started to struggle. That is when Munesh spoke those immortal words. "Relax Sophie, we're all friends here."

I felt my legs pushed aside. I felt Reuben's penis find the mark. I felt him slide into me and it felt good. Reuben was slower and more tender than Munesh. And he lasted a lot longer. He pulled out and ejaculated into a dirty rag. A third boy was positioned before me, ready to go. I remained motionless as he slid the head of his tiny dick against my wet crotch. All six boys took a turn on me. One at a time, missionary position. Although none of them would ever admit it, I'm sure at least 4 of them had never been with a girl in this way before.

The next day I was the topic of conversation. I went to the garage and some guys were there with another girl. She knew what was going to happen and it did. After the first boy had fucked her, she lay on her side, crying. Her line up was tacked on to the end of mine. I didn't mind. I loved the feeling I had as I lay waiting for the next boy to ease his hard cock into my soul. I loved watching the boy as he stepped forward, stroking his cock to complete fullness, to kneel between my wide spread thighs, to see the look of their excited faces as they gazed upon a real live cunt. I loved to hear the other boys urging him on, almost unable to contain themselves with excitement as they waited for their turn to fuck.

That was my introduction to group sex. I didn't have many girl friends after that but I was very popular with the boys. I still am. I enjoy having multiple partners, one at a time.

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